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Interview: timo / 15. Juni 2005 /

Andy BuddAndy Budd is the Managing Director of clear:left, a user experience consultancy based in Brighton. Andy enjoys speaking at conferences and workshops as well as writing articles on subject of webdesign. He also runs a popular blog.

Why do you love CSS?
I find developing sites using CSS so much more rewarding than the old presentational approach. My code is leaner and easier to understand, and once the initial learning curve is over, it’s actually much faster. I’m a strong proponent of web accessibility so standards based design makes my life a lot easier. Most of the sites I build are accessible by default. I also think search engine findability is extremely important, another benefit of taking a standards based and semantic approach to your mark-up.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Like most CSS developers, it’s inconsistent browser support. I’m so used to Internet Explorers quirks, I’ve learn to live with them. It’s quirks in older versions of Netscape and Opera that drives me crazy.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
I guess I’d ask, why shouldn’t they? It takes very little extra effort to create well structured, semantic mark-up. However it makes life a hell of a lot easier when trying to understand your code or fix bugs. The 10 minutes you’ll save at the start of the project by not laying out your code properly will come back to haunt you towards the end of the project.

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