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Interview: timo / 15. Juni 2005 /

Andy ClarkAndy Clarke has a background in advertising and started design agency Stuff and Nonsense in 1998. Outside of the studio, Andy writes on his personal site, And All That Malarkey and is also on the Web Standards Awards judging panel.

Why do you love CSS?
On one level, I do not love CSS at all. It is simply a tool to accomplish a job and in practice, not a very good one in it’s present form. I very much look forward to working with future versions and am already experimenting with as much CSS3 as practical. (Look out for a mini-tutorial on CSS3 columns and the latest Firefox ‘DearPark’ release on my site in a few weeks).
However, CSS is a tremendous improvement over working with olf fashioned methods and speeds up our development process. In practice this allows us to devote more time to project planning and design which definately improves the overall quality of the work that we do.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
As I explained in my presentation at @media2005, CSS is a presentational language but was written by technical people rather than designers. This means that the terminology is not visual and there can be a steep learning curve for visual designers.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
A craftsman should care not only for what he makes, but also for his tools. Any web developer who cares about the quality of his craft should write the most logical and semantic code possible as this is a key factor of the craft.

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