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Interview: timo / 21. Juni 2005 /

Anne van KesterenAnne van Kesteren is just some guy who occasionally pulls out a nice trick and earns his money by doing things that amaze his bosses, but not his friends. At least, they are not interested. He also runs some English weblog that’s overtechnical, he just graduated from secondary school and recently re-launched, a site from the Dutch goverment in cooperation with the company he works for. All much fun.

Why do you love CSS?
It’s not XML. Well ok, maybe that overstretched my point of view a bit, but one of the things I can appreciate is the ease of use and its syntax.
I also really like that it is non trivial to use because of broken implementations. And this is not a joke, as this is about the only thing that makes it interesting at the moment to do something with it. If CSS was actually as easy as declared, I would be programming or solving other problems. (Or not, but I tend to think I would.)
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Broken implementations. This may sound contradicting, but if there is nothing to keep you going, you wouldn’t get anywhere.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
These days you don’t get help with your table based layout. The longer answer can be found on Google. You will find mostly things like: “more style hooks”, “irrelevant”, “better search results”, “impossible to author from a WYSIWYG”, “obsolete”, and occasionally things that don’t relate it.

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