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Interview: timo / 13. November 2005 /

Björn SeibertBjörn Seibert from Ludwigshafen, Germany, has been engaged in web standards for (X)HTML and CSS for many years. As webmaster of a sports website, web designer (still) in freetime and author of a weblog about (X)HTML, CSS, accessibility and web design, he extends and deepens his knowledge continuously. In summer 2006 he is about to complete his studies in business information systems. Together with Manuela Hoffmann he has written a book on modern web design: “Professionelles Webdesign mit (X)HTML und CSS”.

Why do you love CSS?
After the draft is done and converted into structured content, it’s CSS to round the website. CSS as the engine of design inspires the web documents and submits the aesthetics. She’s the beauty and the sun in the sometimes greyer everyday life of coding.
As powerful it is, CSS is convertible, sometimes exchangeable. She provides flexibility and encourages you to experiment. Meanwhile the blossom of CSS is enriching the meta content step by step. Showcases like CSS Zengarden, CSS Reboot, Stylegala and many others demonstrate her power.
Apart from her inspiring nature, she saves time and nerves. Instructed once, she assigns behaviour, shapes and color to the elements of a whole website. No matter if one, tens or hundreds subsites. CSS is caring, she thinks of them all. Changes are made fast, concentration on content is assisted.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
CSS isn’t able to stress me up. The joy of fiddling about the final look of a website, is somehow mollifying. Only older browsers and Billy’s “Big blue Giant” sometimes are able to upset me, when showing their disabilities in handling modern code and CSS properties. But that’s after having joined the CSS Play.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Well structured and semantic markup is the foundation for a lean, modern, accessible and sustainable website. Only well structured code and the use of semantically relevant elements will generate multi adaptable web content. It’s about granting access for all. Humans, machines and media. After all it’s all about information and knowledge, in an accessible way – bodily, logical and technical. It’s the biggest challenge web designers are facing in the near future. We will have to learn more about semantics and structure, but keep design in mind.

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