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Interview: timo / 8. August 2005 /

Cameron MollCameron Moll is recognized as one of the industry’s most balanced new media designers. He is proficient in functional web design, clean markup, and savvy print design. His personal site,, delivers design how-to in the form of engaging conversation, on-topic banter, and downloadable artwork source files.

Why do you love CSS?
It’s SO much shorter than “tables” when writing proposals and contracts. I love the fact that I save a full 3 letters with every mention. I imagine the savings in ink alone amount to over $3 annually.
Speaking of letters, the real power of CSS lies in the first letter: Cascading, the power to add layers of styling while leaving the content untouched.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Every time I step into a project in which the previous developers failed to properly code the site, or every time one of my sites is passed off to a development team and then hacked without mercy, I cringe knowing so-called “short-cuts” were taken at some point - either in the education of that developer years ago or in the actual production of the site just recently - that have now inevitably evolved into unnecessary short-term and long-term fixes for all involved.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
I think anyone, regardless of vocation, should strive to write as meaningfully as possible in any situation. In language learning, it’s grammar. In filmmaking, it’s script writing. And in website development, it’s semantic markup.

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