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Interview: timo / 22. Juni 2005 /

Jason Santa MariaJason Santa Maria is a Graphic Designer living in sunny Philadelphia, PA with his fiance Liz and three cats. Someday he hopes to join the circus as the resident geek, but would settle on being a roustabout for a time. He can often be found losing the day to video games and is likely to beat you at Mario Kart 64. His ultra cool website won the Site of the Month Gold Star Award from the Web Standards Awards.

Why do you love CSS?
The hours and hours it saves me from screaming at my computer in frustration.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
The hours and hours it causes me to spend screaming at my computer in frustration.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Because it makes the web into a playground where everyone gets to ride the swings.

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