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Interview: timo / 5. März 2006 /

Jens Meiert Supported by great colleagues, Munich’s Jens Meiert is the guy behind GMX’s web standards spree. He sometimes appears to do something for the W3C, the UPA, and the IxDA. He’s also a writer, collecting all his publications on his web site,, and he recently released his first book, Webdesign mit CSS (O’Reilly, German). Jens often looks mean since he probably is.

Why do you love CSS?
Basically, because it’s simple but yet complex, it’s easy to use but yet challenging to master. That said and having CSS 3 in mind, it guarantees long-term fun. I wish women were like CSS. (Just kidding.)
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Incorrect or incomplete implementations, our game’s boss enemy. I once also appreciated those little inconsistencies, for example, the spelling of the nowrap and pre-wrap values of the white-space property. Weird bonus level.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
At first, I wanted to emphasize the difference between “semantic markup” and “markup used according to its semantics”, but I love my life as much as CSS. However, in our industry, not using semantic markup should be considered unprofessional. It indicates that you don’t know your craft. And from a client’s perspective, you wouldn’t want to give your car to a mechanic who can’t even change a tyre, would you? Correctly used markup is about people, since it finally improves the user experience. Not only do properly written documents mostly save development time, they rather reduce barriers, thus allowing easier information access and exchange, they are likely to load faster, and just bring joy. Everyone benefits, and that’s why we play this game.

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