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Interview: timo / 15. Juni 2005 /

Jeremy KeithJeremy Keith is a freelance web developer living and working in Brighton & Hove. With areas of expertise ranging from design to programming, he is committed to building accessible, elegant websites using the troika of web standards: XHTML, CSS and the

Why do you love CSS?
I love its immediacy. Being able to change something, sometimes on hundreds of pages, from a single file is like a microcosm of the Web as a whole. Design on the Web needn’t be slow or, even worse, at a complete standstill. With CSS in your toolbox, fundamental design changes can be made quickly and easily. This kind of fast, constantly evolving design suits the fast, constantly evolving nature of the World Wide Web.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Internet Explorer. I usually develop on a standards-compliant browser like Firefox first and then move over to IE to fix whatever it messes up.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
It will make your life easier. If you’re markup isn’t well structured, it’s a lot harder to debug your CSS and JavaScript. Meaningful markup should be at the heart of every web page. Everything else - design, CSS, DOM scripting - they’re nothing without a sturdy superstructure to build upon.
There’s an abiding beauty in a semantically well-structured document. It’s like mainlining into Tim Berners Lee’s original vision of the Web. A well marked up document is almost primal in its ability to communicate meaning to both humans and machines.
That may sound over the top, but I pity anyone who hasn’t experienced the power that comes with writing semantically meaningful web pages.

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