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Interview: timo / 17. Juni 2005 /

Keith RobinsonKeith is a writer, design, artist, publisher, etc. with a background in user-centered Web design, Web standards-based development and Web content. He lives in Seattle, Washington, and has been a working web professional for going on 10 years now. During his career he has worked with companies like Boeing, Microsoft and Sony. He currently holds a full time job with Phinney/Bischoff Design House. His weblog is called Asterisk*.

Why do you love CSS?
I don’t love CSS, but I do like it a lot. CSS makes it possible for me to work less and play more.
It’s a technology makes my life easier by helping me get things done quicker and more efficiently. It gives me great power as a designer. I find that by using CSS I can get into the build phase of a project much sooner and still accommodate changes to my designs quickly and easily. Any future updating becomes easier as well. Before I learned CSS things were much harder and I had to work more. Simple as that.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Hacks and browser incompatibilities. It still drives me nuts when I pull up one of my designs in IE and it doesn’t display right the first time.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Because it makes sense to do so. It gives your markup meaning and who wants meaningless markup? Really, though, it makes your markup easier to read, easier to debug and easier to understand.

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