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Interview: timo / 17. Juni 2005 /

Manuela HoffmannManuela Hoffmann is a freelance graphic and web designer from Berlin. She creates websites built with web standards and high quality graphics for web and print. On her blog pixelgraphix she talks about her passion for CSS, graphic/web design and photography. She maintains several web projects including CSSHilfe (simply the best and most beautiful German CSS blog) and Screenz

Why do you love CSS?
CSS gives me all the creative possibilities I need as a designer. It has changed my entire work process. When I am developing a CSS layout, its adaptability and expandability are always in the back of my head. In the process of designing a website, CSS allows me to start early with the actual stylesheets and codes. When I was designing whole sites in Photoshop that point came much later. And there was more pressure on getting it right first time.
The separation of content and design through CSS makes redesigns and small to huge changes to a website so much easier than it was before.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
It drives me crazy to see a layout which works perfectly in standards-compliant browsers for the first time in browsers that don’t support standards. The process of including hacks or working around browser incompatibilities can be frustrating. Although I think the more you work with CSS, the more clever you get in constructing your ideas beforehand and thus have less incompatibility problems.
CSS is a great evolving technology and it is really interesting to see what the future holds.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
It is the only thing that makes sense to aim for. The use of correct markup allows for a wider use on multiple systems, allowing access through all kinds of audiences.

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