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Interview: timo / 25. Juli 2005 /

Mark BoultonMark Boulton can bring years of experience in designing or redesigning a large range of output, from websites (e.g. BBC, British Airways or MTV) and applications built using web standards to cost-effective corporate print material to beautifully crafted, individual design pieces. More about Mark:

Why do you love CSS?
I don’t love css, in fact most of the time I hate it. I use it because it’s the right tool for the job.
I find it to be the best tool available right now for its purpose and I’m glad that I’m not the only one to feel this way. It has a couple of strong points that might make someone fall in love with it and I’d underline its simplicity and the endless possibilities it provides.
Designing websites for almost six years now and coming from a table-based layout background, like many, many others, I can truly appreciate css’s advantages. I especially like how it makes me look like a wizard when I demonstrate to my younger colleagues how I can
modify a page layout or a whole website just by editing a couple of lines.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Browsers. Stupid, stupid browsers.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Because it makes sense, doesn’t it? Not using semantic markup would be like building a house but instead of using mortar, cheese is used. Totally wrong tool for the job - smelly too.
On the long run, it should allow for greater levels of interactivity and developing new tools and machines that might help users in many ways, one of the most important and quickest to come to mind being searching and rendering information.
One of its immediate benefits is the ability to debug and modify your code (as well as the code written by others) much quicker. It sets a common framework that everyone can understand and modify if needed to suit new needs.

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