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Interview: timo / 25. Juni 2006 /

Markus Angermeier Markus Angermeier was born in a year in that Germany got Weltmeister. He is a designer and creative director for Aperto, Berlin and contributed his skills to some accessibility awardwinning projects. He tries to blog and is even mentioned on wikipedia for the latest buzz.

Why do you love CSS?
Because I do love standards. They make your life easy. In fact I think freedom of choice is overrated anyway. Seriously: CSS2 is a powerful and damn easy language to describe what things should look like and behave. Even a designer like me can learn it. And if a designer knows how to speak it, communicating with coders can even become fun. I guess it’s because they feel understood finally. I even think about designing directly within CSS and leave just the bugfixing to the coders.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
I wouldn’t call it crazy. It’s just the madness of the nonstandard software and of those who wrote it. But the world seems to get better every day in this part. Download now: New bugs added! If it runs on Flock for Mac, hey, that’s good for me.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Basically to get information into a form that can last at least some years and can be accessed by machines to sort, filter, contextualise and reorder it. Ain’t there more machines surfing the Net than humans? Think about those, too. What’s better for machines tends to be more ok for human brains, too. I guess it’s because humans have build those machines.

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