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Interview: timo / 17. Juni 2005 /

Richard RutterRichard Rutter is a web site producer living in Brighton and working in London for Multimap. He also runs his own weblog clagnut where he shares his personal perspectives on Web development and design, accessibility, usability and information architecture.

Why do you love CSS?
I’m not sure I love CSS per se – it can be a difficult and fickle mistress, but then so can my girlfriend and we’ve been going out since before CSS was invented (well, nearly).
What I do enjoy about CSS is translating seemingly impossible design comps into web pages. CSS is such a powerful language that almost anything is possible, and anything that isn’t possible almost certainly will be come the advent of (support for) CSS3.
It’s a joy seeing new techniques being created, both as workarounds and for completely new uses, although this does illustrate the down side of CSS. It is easy to get started, not too hard to get competent but then exponentially more difficult to become an expert, so much so that even the likes of Eric Meyer (and probably Hakon Wium Lie who wrote the damn thing) are still discovering new aspects.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
Well obviously the browser support is an issue and CSS itself is partly to blame for that. An issue I do have with CSS is that CSS 1 & 2 do not properly address layout considerations. Layout was never really in mind when floats and positioning were put together and its frustrating that layout isn’t being properly addressed until CSS3. It will probably be at least another 5 years before we can use CSS 3 for anything other than browser-specific sites/applications and progressive enhancement.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
The reality is that it makes everyone’s job easier. By everyone I mean content creators, back-end developers, site builders and beyond. If pages are marked up in a meaningful manner then they become more human-readable as well as more machine-readable (search engines, parsers, screen readers). Everyone’s a winner.

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