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Interview: timo / 16. Juni 2005 /

Simon CollisonSimon is Lead Web Developer at Agenzia, and has worked on numerous web projects for record labels, high-profile recording artists (including The Libertines) and illustrators. Simon passionately ensures everything he builds is accessible and usable. He regularly reviews CSS-based websites for Stylegala, and does his best to keep his blog CollyLogic updated with noise about web standards, music, film, travels, and more web standards.

Why do you love CSS?
CSS and I were out for a sunlit stroll recently, and as we approached a gushing waterfall we sat down and talked. I realized that it was CSS that I loved. Previous mistresses were harsh with me, always causing me excessive worry through complication and lack of flexibility. CSS isn’t like that at all. I don’t have the restraints that previous relationships placed upon me. With CSS I am free to experiment and keep things fresh. It’s a relationship that will go the distance, and I am a happy, love-struck fool.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
With love, you have to take the rough with the smooth. I love her, but sometimes - and through no fault of her own, she doesn’t get the support she needs, and goes all crazy on me. It’s at times like that where I have to get deep inside her mind and try to establish the problem. If the usual approach doesn’t work, there are workarounds, but such emotional trauma can really eat into my day, and I lose my workflow. She needs constant study if I am to understand her moods.
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Well-structured markup is like a beautiful love poem. It gets straight to the point - it wears it’s purpose on it’s sleeve, and if things get a little difficult, the markup supports the relationship with the CSS. I’ve already stated how unpredictable CSS can be, and without good clean markup the relationship would sour very quickly. You can’t read a woman’s mind, but good markup is transparent. Like great lovers, CSS and well-structured code are bound by fate, and are destined to live happily ever after.

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