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Interview: timo / 16. Juni 2005 /

Tomas CaspersTomas Caspers was on the original cast of a thing that, at first, was dubbed „Web Browser Lynch Mob“ and later became the Web Standards Project. He tries really hard to write a minimum of three blog posts a day over at Einfach für Alle. He recently had lots of fun doing the HTML and CSS for the newly relaunched

Why do you love CSS?
It’s a very mature and stable standard that has excellent implementations across browsers (ok, not all of them, but we are getting there). And it has a certain logic behind it that, once you understand a few underlying concepts like floats and boxes and their behaviour, you can use it to do anything you can dream of. I have a background in typography and photography and it lets me compose stuff just like I want to compose stuff. Heck, it’s not brain surgery, it’s plain ol’ English.
What drives you crazy when using CSS?
1. IE 5
2. IE 5.5
3. IE 6
4. Did I mention IE 5 for Mac already?
Why should people write well structured / semantic markup?
Because it can make the difference between getting home at night at around 6 or staying up all night debugging. For every single person on the team.
If you start out a project thinking about its structure all the way to the very end you end up with high quality. If you then design the site on top of that structured approach, you end up with a high quality product. If you then take this well thought-out design and code it, you end up with high-quality code. And if the site is launched and the maintenance programmers take over it’s a no-brainer to understand the structure. Doing a relaunch means changing a bunch of Style Sheets, but even if you have to change the HTML during the relaunch, it’s possible to rearrange it via RegEx, since there’s a certain logic in the code.
Compare this to some 5 year old frames ‘n’ fonts ‘n’ tables layout - I have no clue as to why I coded that particular nested table in a nested table just to make that one particular spacer-GIF behave. It was probably a workaround for some browser that hasn’t showed up in any logfile for the better part of this century.

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